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Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Personal Development using Hypnosis and
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Hypnosis:  Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool that offers possibilities to change. It is part of several short term therapies, as its goal is not to find the source of a problem, but to provide the tools to transform it. Often, one single session is enough.
A session has a multitude of benefits:
– Dissociation of subject and object, which introduces comfort and confidence and reduces psychological suffering
– The setup of tools for providing change
– A new way of sense of time
– A sensation of refreshment and mental cleansing
– Creation of an opening for new life possibilities and understanding
Objective of a therapy with Neurolinguistic programming (NLP):
It happens often that a person has the desire to change, but feels somehow blocked, or they may experience certain behavioural disorders for which the origins are unknown.  These disorders are created by the differences in the nature and strategy of the two parts that make up the individual: the conscious part and the subconscious part.  There are various conscious and subconscious layers of the human being.
The objective of a therapy session is to supply the person with new tools to change. The subconscious  is reprogrammed in a way that gives space for opening and new possibilities. One can compare the subconscious to a programmed machine.  Once a program is up and running, it will always act in the same manner.  Past the age of 45, without any personal development work, a person is likely to have established 90% of their “automated” subconscious programs. The person will always respond in the same manner to the same trigger.
The therapist then needs to modify the subconscious program so that the individual gains back a new liberty in his/her actions.  In order to avoid the conscious and reasoning part from blocking the suggestions of change that are addressed to the subconscious mind, the therapist may make use of games and exercises aiming at confusion and dissociation.
The more the possibilities for suggestion remain open, the more they will correspond to the inner desires of the patient, and the more he/she will be convinced that they themselves are the authors of their changes.
A new learning tool,  Behavioral Innovation Generation supporting this work in integrative psychotherapy has recently been created by our hypnotherapist, Dan.  
BEING’s purpose and aim are to offer knowledge and tools on how to behave innovatively towards one another, under the light of Sri Aurobindo and Mothers’ teachings.
Using this perspective, most of the so called ‘mental disorders’ by traditional occidental medicine, may be understood from an another angle and possibly be helped with new therapeutic tools.
The bridge between science and spirituality will naturally be reinforced and revealed in every little detail of one’s daily life, through a constant joy of discovering.
In this website, you will find practical information and tools, attempts to clarify some mental challenges under spiritual light, and connections with Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings.