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Swati Rajput, Paediatric Physiotherapy

Swati is a physiotherapist specialising in Paediatric Physiotherapy using Movement Lesson techniques.
Swati has been visiting Auroville for more than 10 years now and over the years, she has felt more and more supported in her individual journey by the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. She felt more urgently the need to move here and be part of this dream, when she and her husband visited with their 10 month old daughter Mira in 2019. And so they moved here in March 2019 from Mumbai.
As a professional, Swati is a trained Physiotherapist and she has worked in the field of Paediatric Physiotherapy since 2003. Over the last 7 years, she has learnt and applied an approach called Movement Lessons in her work with children with special needs. As she continues to develop better skills as a therapist and explore the spiritual life, she can draw parallels between the leaps made in one, and how it draws from the other. They are inseparable and a way of life for her. She feels drawn to exploring new depths in this work and it helps her as much or more, for her own growth and a very happy by product in her clients is the creation of more movement possibilities, ease of movement and greater awareness within one’s own body.
Presently, Swati shares this understanding through training and practical sessions with her colleagues at Deepam (a school for children with special needs) and the availability of her unique skills promises to benefit  many of our Santé visitors as well.
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and very little Tamil
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