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Psycho-Somatotherapy as a healing method is an original synthesis which integrates the elements of several manual techniques, psychotherapeutic tools and psychic healing. It helps us to overcome the difficult situations of the past, to have access to our internal resources to better manage our life in a perspective of evolution. Beyond the technical aspect of massage, touch is perceived as a curative and transformative act which makes it possible to highlight the difference between real needs and life scenarios/patterns.
This approach, which acts on both the body and the psyche, reveals a fundamental function:
Everyone’s quest to give meaning to their life.
At the heart of psycho-bodily, energy and inner research therapies, the Psycho-Somatotherapy has a global and holistic vision of the human being.
Even though there might be no words to express a suffering, the body can tell the story.
Psycho-Somatotherapy might be for you, if…
– You are finding yourself at the crossroads of your life
– Grief
– Change of work / Reconversion/Environment
– Painful separation
– Panic attacks / Stress / Burn-out
– You are not feeling good about yourself / in your body
– During one’s life stages – adulthood, pregnancy, menopause, age
– Depressive stages of life  
– You are suffering of a chronic illness
Or if you simply wish to work on yourself….
Individual 1 on 1 sessions last about 1 hour and 15 minutes and involve the usage of touch therapy techniques in combination with verbal exchange, massage and breathing. The breathing helps creating the link between body and mind. This way the touch can act as a healing and transforming tool. The verbal exchange allows integration of freed emotions.
The tools are an interesting synthesis that combines several techniques:
Manual techniques:
-Californian Massage – A relaxing and harmonising massage using organic-vegetal oils.
– Korean Massage – Body vibrations, helping to let go of the mind
– Shiatsu – Massage using pressure on the body’s acupuncture points to reestablish a healthy energy balance.
– Foot Reflexology
– Polarities
Psychotherapeutic tools include:
– Bioenergy
– Gestalt Therapy
– Deep Breathing Techniques
– Creativity
– Relaxation
– Visualisation
– See here for a deeper exploration of the steps of a Psycho-Somatotherapy