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Santé Therapist Monthly Schedule – 2019

Please check the monthly therapist schedule if you are looking for a specific therapy.   

Our therapists have limited appointment slots and varied working hours, and they are often out for further trainings and other purposes.  

Change in Santé Doctor availability for January 2019

Santé: AV Institue for Integral Health will have a slight change in the schedule of available doctors for consultations in the month of January 2019. 

Our wonderful Dr. Manoj will be leaving on 10/01/2019 to pursue further studies in the U.K.  We wish him all the success and hope that he returns to AV soon. 

Dr. Igor will be working every morning and Dr. Brian will be available in the afternoons.  This schedule will remain till Dr. Ruslan returns in mid-January 2019.  We will inform our clients of further changes in the schedule as soon as we can. 

Please note that we are closed on TUESDAY AFTERNOONS for staff meetings and there will be no doctor on SATURDAY MORNINGS till Dr. Ruslan returns. 

Thank you always for your patience and understanding!