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Drs. Brian, Igor & Senthil, Allopathy

Qualifications: LRCP MRCS, MB BS(London), DRCOG, DO, DAB
Dr. Brian, our other doctor in Santé, has been a blessing, joining the Santé team when we needed him most. Brian has a long association with Auroville, with his first visit in 1983 after he discovered Sri Aurobindo and sweet Mother’s books in 1965. He has attempted to combine Kriya Yoga and Integral Yoga for over 50 years.
Brian grew up in Zimbabwe and went to study medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, now known as Imperial College.
 He qualified in 1970 and after 8 years mainly in specialist departments in various hospitals in the National Health Service, Brian eventually settled in Hastings with his family, where he was a general practitioner for 37 years.
His special interests include maternity care and natural childbirth, ophthalmology (‘Eyes’), and treating ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions. He is skilled in substance misuse and other addictive behaviours (gambling, gaming, food, etc.) and was responsible for all drug addicts in Hastings for some time.
Brian is very open to the value of alternative therapies and although he never obtained a qualification, he attended courses at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London, using this learning to intermittently treat some of his general practice patients.
Languages: (sadly) only English
Qualifications: General Medicine & Surgery, Specialisation in Urology, certification in Ozone therapy
Dr. Igor visited Auroville many times before he came to settle here with his family in 2011. He came for the ocean, the warmth of the people, the trees. And most importantly, his children were happy here. For Igor, his children are the light that makes him smile.
Igor specialized in Urology after his training in General Medicine in Russia. For many years he managed a private practice with a colleague in Russia but he chose something other; he came to Auroville.
He is trained in Ozone therapy and offers it on top of his practice in General medicine in Santé.
Languages: Russian and English
Qualifications: PG Diploma in Psychological Medicine, M.B.B.S
Dr. Senthil was drawn to the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo during his first visit to the serene, lush green city of Auroville in 1996.
Growing up in the temple city of Thanjavur, Dr. Senthil was exposed at an early age to the sacred, and he maintains a long connection with spirituality. He studied medicine at Thanjavur Medical College, qualifying in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree and and a subsequent specialist degree in Psychiatry in 2001.
Dr. Senthil passionately served as a general practitioner and an academic in the Uniclinic, Fiji National University, and other higher education institutes in the Fiji Islands; and later he worked as a psychiatrist in the Tribal Welfare Hospital in Kerala, India.
Dr. Senthil has more than twenty years of clinical experience as a private practitioner with a
keen interest in integrating physical and mental health care, with a focus on the treatment
of alcohol and substance abuses.
Dr. Senthil enjoys a strong family bond and he firmly subscribes to the belief, “The service of humanity is service to God”.
Languages: Tamil, English, Malayalam and French
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