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Our History

Many of us who practice medicine have experienced the limitations of individual healthcare disciplines. So we asked ourselves – why don’t we collaborate with disciplines that have their own scope of effective practice? Can we, with cooperation, somehow improve the outcome and quality of our treatments?
Thus, we set about on our path in 2008 as a tiny, multi-disciplinary clinic in Auroville called Kailash, in which various medical disciplines could work side by side.  While offering primary medical care to our resident population, we, at the same time, continued searching for ways to improve the understanding of various approaches to health, and to enhance mutual interaction and collaboration between diverse healthcare modalities.
As a result, the team came up with an initial outline of an integrative model of healthcare; and this has manifested into a health institute that currently provides integrative healthcare services to nearly 3000 people. Simultaneously, we began to conceptualise about an “Institute of Integral Health”, and in partnership with Helmut, a German architect and Auroville resident, developed a plan for a facility able to house it.
We are currently in the first phase (see marked area in red) and will develop the Institute of Integral Health gradually to meet the needs and realities of a growing Auroville community.  The first phase of the building was completed in July, 2015 and this is the story of Santé.