Crown Road, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India (0413) 2622 803 / Auroville Ambulance 94422 24680 (24/7)

Santé Therapist Monthly Schedule – 2021

On Wednesday, 14/04/2021, Santé will be closed for
Tamil New Year.
We will be open as usual from Thursday 15/04/2021.
In case of an emergency,
please call the Auroville Ambulance service.

Santé Services in April 2021

Working Hours – Monday – Saturday 8:45-12:30pm & 2:00 – 4:30pm (closed Tuesday afternoon for team meetings)
Tests and Sample collection Mon-Fri before 12:00 pm. No sample collection on Saturday.
 Please call Santé on (0413) 2622803 during working hours for an appointment & to check availability of the therapist.
Doctor consults with Brian & Igor – DAILY
Acupuncture with Andres – MONDAY – FRIDAY 
Ayurveda with Berengere –  THURSDAY & FRIDAY
Nursing care with Ezhil, Thilagam & Archana – DAILY
Homeopathy with Michael – MONDAY & WEDNESDAY
Hypnotherapy & Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with Dan – WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY
Pregnancy care & Women’s Wellness with Paula
Midwifery & Couples / Family counselling with Monique – TUESDAY
Physiotherapy with Rebeca
Physiotherapy with Osnat –
             Physiotherapy and Wellness Massage with  Galina – MONDAY – FRIDAY
Paediatric Physiotherapy with Swati – WEDNESDAY
Psycho Somatotherapy with Svenja – MONDAY & FRIDAY 
In Santé, we value our patient’s confidentiality and make every effort to ensure their privacy.

General Health Considerations:

– Please DO NOT visit Santé or any of our therapists if you have  flu-like  symptoms like a dry cough, fever, tiredness, sore muscles and/or difficulty breathing. Other common symptoms include loss of taste / smell, and/or vomiting & diarrhoea.
– In case of concern, ring Santé (0413 – 2622803) during office hours for a telephone consultation with the doctor who will attend you as soon as he is able. Out of working hours, ring the AV Ambulance Service (09442224680) who will assess the situation and inform the doctor on call to guide you. 
– Stay indoors till your doctor has been informed of your condition. This is both essential & responsible for the wellbeing of both you, your family & those around you.  
– In case of difficulty in breathing or other deterioration of health, please contact the AV Ambulance (+91) 94422 24680) immediately.
– Stay safe; wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene & proper social distancing.
 Be well! ☺
Santé’s regular working hours are Monday – Saturday from 
8:45 am – 12:30 pm and 2:00 – 4:30 pm   
On Tuesday, Santé is only open in the mornings from 8:45 – 12:30.
Saturday afternoons are for nursing care only.
For emergencies, please contact Auroville Ambulance:
Tel: + (91) 9442224680 (24x 7)
Government Ambulance: Tel: 108 (24×7)