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How to use the Auroville Health Fund?

The Auroville Health Fund is a fund for Aurovilians to manage the cost of their medical needs. In order to claim from the Health Fund, one must first be a member. Your unique Health Fund number is registered in our Santé database and your monthly payments towards it are managed by the Auroville Financial Service.  The Health Fund office is located on the Mahalaxmi Senior Residential campus near Santé. 
In order to claim a refund from the Auroville Health Fund, you will need to submit all your medical bills and a prescription for said tests or treatments from an Auroville recognised healthcare practitioner. The Health Fund will process the request and may refund some or all of the expenses directly to your Auroville account, as per their criteria. You can submit your bills in Santé or at the Auroville Health Centre. For further questions regarding the Health Fund, please contact them directly on