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Meridian Psychotherapy

“The Joy of Feeling is an antidote to the fear of feeling. If we let ourselves feel, we feel both sides of life” – Iona Teegarden. It was over seventy years ago that Carl C. Jung discovered that… Read More

Midwifery Practice

A nurse midwife is a professional specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, newborn care and women’s reproductive health including annual gynaecological exams, breast exams, infection checks, pap tests, family planning, and menopause Midwives are trained to recognise the variations… Read More

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with increasing success and safety.  Though still considered an alternative treatment by “traditional” medical authorities, the ever growing list of Ozone practitioners worldwide… Read More


Physiotherapy is a technique of physical rehabilitation. It focuses on improving motor abilities, balance and posture. Limitations in the musculoskeletal system can be caused by trauma or chronic problems such as over-use injuries, which are usually orthopaedic or… Read More

Therapeutic Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a manual therapy.  In Eastern traditions, touch is a natural gesture aimed at connecting the human to the universe, regulating energy rhythms and harmonising the body Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese manual practice. It is practiced… Read More

Wellness Massage

Massage, reflexology, acupressure and  acupuncture have a common origin and modality.  They all use the concept of stimulating pressure points in various locations of the body to relieve stress and to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.  This concept… Read More