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Osnat and Rebeca, Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist, Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Osnat sees the body as an instrument for enhancing wellbeing, using our ability to heal ourselves through the body.  Throughout her life, she practiced different activities including swimming, yoga, Pilates, dance and movement improvisation, and Watsu and other water therapies.  Osnat continues exploring her ability in movement and new ways to express herself through the body.  She helps her clients to explore the feelings they can get from a free and painless ability to move, to trust the body and the effect it has on their personal wellbeing.
In her work, Osnat strives to offer others the appropriate support to feel better in their own bodies and experience pleasant ways of movement.  She has experience in working with all ages: both children and adults, with a specialisation as a hydrotherapist  for rehabilitation in the water. In addition, Osnat has taught Pilates and swimming and she  enjoys to offer physiotherapy workshops for the AV residents
Languages: Hebrew and English.
Physiotherapist. Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Universidad de Alcalá, (Madrid), specialized in Neurology.
Rebeca was a very active teenager, attracted by sports and very curious about the human body. An injury in her youth made her aware of the physiotherapy world and she knew since then, at the age of 16, that this would be her profession.
Given the high demand and the few available places in the public university, Rebeca first graduated in Occupational Therapy at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, (Madrid), but after ten years, some courses of holistic therapist, manual techniques and lot of travels, she finally could study her real vocation, Physiotherapy.
She began her career focused on therapeutic exercise basically in the area of traumatology, but after having contact with several patients with neurological disorders, which fascinated her with the challenge of a multidisciplinary team intervention, she decided to specialize in neurology where she worked in public Madrid hospitals in recent years.
Rebeca decided to come to Auroville after taking a sabbatical year to travel around Asia, where she discovered the pleasure of living in a simpler way enjoying more of what really matters, and with a desire for personal evolution, she found Auroville a perfect place to settle down.
Apart from her profession, which she loves, Rebeca finds a lot of pleasure in traveling, practicing yoga, reading, writing, painting, dancing and playing the guitar (the day should have more hours for it to all fit in.
Languages: Spanish, English and Italian (less fluent).
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