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Juan Andres, Integrative Psychotherapy

Juan Andrés is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist from Chile with experience working as a coach and counsellor for groups applying organizational integrative psychology.  In Santé, he focusses on integrative psychotherapy with teenagers, adults and couples.
Even though Juan Andrés was born in the household of two psychotherapists, by the time he was in high school he felt a call to be of service from what at that time he believed was a broader professional field, therefore he entered medical school.
From his first year of study, he started doing volunteer work with socially sensitive NGOs and in his second year, he started working with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).  Through this “think globally, act locally” work, Juan Andrés was trained and practiced preventive health work addressing conscious and positive behaviour change.
After years of taking more responsibilities in this federation, he decided to explore his vocation beyond the medical arena. He continued assisting the IFMSA as a trainer and got further training working with Y-PEER, a peer education international organization under the umbrella of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), while starting his psychological studies. Both his professional practice and his first years of work as a psychologist were done in the Chilean Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy.
Recently Juan Andrés decided to leave his country with the idea of looking for a more sustainable and spiritual way of living.  This is why he sold most of his belongings and took a one way ticket to Asia. It was in the middle of a year of travelling around the world, experiencing different social projects, when Auroville found him.
Juan Andrés saw Santé as a great opportunity to be of service to his new community.  He resonates with Santé’s vision of integral health that involves a cohesive, interdisciplinary team effort, without confusing power dynamics, to give the best of themselves to the community while at the same time growing both as workers and as individuals.  He complements his teachings of psychological theory from Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga.  He is a musician and plays drums, hand pan and is learning Indian tabla.  As an attempt of combining music and therapy, he is also exploring the study of integral sound healing.
Languages: Spanish and English
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