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Galina Rudenko, Physiotherapy & Massage

Galina has been involved in physiotherapy and manual treatment of the physical body for 35 years. In Santé, she practices manual physiotherapy and body manipulation, lymph drainage, reflexology, vacuum cupping, medical massage and shockwave therapy. 
In addition to clinical applications, she also acquired knowledge in spa massage systems and explored many techniques in natural healing and methods to enhance overall wellbeing. Galina is renown for her special massage with Siberian cedar cones.
Her main commitment in Santé is to help to relieve pain, mobility and physical stress for acute cases, something she finds is often unsuccessful without the active participation of her clients and their willingness to change poor habits.
Galina also enjoys exploring local ingredients and methods and has developed a preventive, wellbeing massage program using spirulina masks and aromatherapy oils.
Languages: Russian and English
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